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    Victoria’s machine repair specialists

    jack thompson engineering pty ltd repairing machine

    The expertise that you need

    With our machine repair services, Jack Thompson Engineering offers Victoria the capacity to maintain or refurbish machines or parts thereof on a continual turnaround basis or as one off rebuilds.

    In breakdown situations, we understand the importance of rapid response and turnaround to minimise downtime.

    Typical repairs include:

    We cater to many different industries and have clients from all over Victoria benefiting from our machine repair services. Typical repairs include:

    • Roll journal reclamation or replacement
    • Press crankshafts, die plates, platens, bushes
    • Hydraulic rams from injection moulders or presses
    • Banbury mixers
    • Banbury rubbermills
    • Pumps or rotary valve refurbishment including resurfacing of ferrous or non-ferrous castings
    • Handfacing and surface reclamation
    • Rolling mill bearing housings and rolls
    • Fork carriages and masts
    • Marine liners, pistons, cylinder covers, propellers and prop-shafts
    • Slideway grinding, scraping and precision fitting a specialty

    For further information about our machine repair services, contact us in Victoria today.

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